RO Bottling Plant Complete Unit Price | 5400 Bottle per Hour Fully Automatic Water Bottling Project

RO Bottling Plant Complete Unit Price | 5400 Bottle per Hour Fully Automatic Water Bottling Project

Bottling RO plant is a process of packaging purified water obtained from a reverse osmosis water treatment system into bottles or other containers for distribution. The process typically involves the following steps:

Pre-Treatment: The water to be purified undergoes pre-treatment to remove any suspended solids, sediments, and other visible impurities. This pre-treatment can include processes like sedimentation, filtration, and clarification.

RO: The pre-treated water is then passed through a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane, which removes dissolved impurities like salts, minerals, heavy metals, and other contaminants from the water. The RO membrane works by using pressure to force water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane, leaving behind impurities.

Post-Treatment: After passing through the RO membrane, the water undergoes post-treatment, which may include processes like ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, ozonation, or carbon filtration to further remove any remaining impurities and sterilize the water.

Bottling: The purified and treated water is then bottled into plastic or glass bottles, which are labeled, sealed, and packaged for distribution.

Quality Control: Throughout the bottling process, the water is subjected to rigorous quality control measures to ensure that it meets regulatory standards and is safe for consumption. These measures can include regular testing for contaminants and impurities, as well as monitoring of the bottling process itself to ensure proper sanitation and hygiene practices are followed.

Overall, bottling RO plant process is designed to ensure that the purified water is safe, clean, and free from impurities, and that it is packaged in a way that maintains its quality and purity until it reaches the consumer.

Filling Material-Mineral Water
Water Purification -RO
Filling Capacity-60 – 150 BPM
Container Type-Bottle or Jar
Automation – Manual or Automatic
Capacity – 1000 LPH – 25000 LPH
Certifications – BIS
Brand – Just Flow or Aqua Grand
Plant Accessories – Pet Blowing / RFC / Laboratory / Jar washing / Batch Coding / Shrink Wrapping
Usage/Application – Mineral Water, Packaged Drinking Water, Drinking Water, Pure Drinking Water
Material – FRP / SS 304 / SS 316
Treated Water Quality As Per BIS Standard

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water capacities ranging from 1000 Liter/Hr to 25,000 Liter/hr.

Our plants are made of sturdy stainless steel SS 316 which is an economical solution for the mineral water industry.

Mineral Water Turnkey Project Consists of:
Mineral Water Plant / Packaged Drinking Water Plant
Automatic Pet Bottle Rinsing Filling capping Machine
Pet Bottle Shrink Grouping Machine
Automatic Digital Batch Coding Machine
Pet Stretch Blow Molding Machine
Automatic Labelling Machine
BIS Laboratory (Chemical / Laboratory)
Automatic Jar Filling Machine
Automatic Labelling Machine

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Mineral Water Bottle Plant
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How to Start Mineral Water Plant Business

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