DKM-200 Dull Meat Minced Machine

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Model: DKM-200

It is used in the manufacture of juices, salami, sausages and in the meat processing industry, especially in the minced meat of shocked meat at -15C°, -25 C°. Mincing machine provides users with convenience in dull meat and fresh meat shooting with dual rpm engine. The first cycle is for dull meat shooting, the second cycle is for fresh meat extraction.

* Completely AISI 304 stainless chrome body, head, bracelet and coil

* Optionally, with its specially designed seperator system, it allows the meat and bones of chicken, turkey and fish to come apart.

* It has a mirror and blade system of frozen meat pull machines in European norms.

* Optionally, a nerve separation system can be added.

* It has a powerful engine and transmission system.

* It has double coil, fresh and dull meat.

* Double cycle (750/1500 rpm)

* It has a 250 liter chamber.

* It is produced entirely in accordance with CE directives.

* With Elevator (Optional-Optional)

* 200 lt meat trolley (Optional-Optional)

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