Al Hariri Group presents an extensive array of cutting-edge meat processing machines designed to revolutionize the food processing and packing industries. With a commitment to quality and innovation, these machines cater to diverse needs within the food and beverage sector.

Meat Minced Machines

  • PKM Series: From PKM 42 Ø 130 to PKM 12 Ø 72, these machines offer wide feed hoppers and stand types, ensuring efficient meat mincing capabilities.
  • DKM Series: The DKM-200 and DKM-280 models are designed for dull meat mincing, streamlining the processing of various meat types.
  • CTR Series: CTR machines, including CTR 10, CTR VAC 200, and CTR 60, are kuter meat machines equipped to handle vacuum processing, enhancing precision and hygiene.

Exploring the Range of Meat Processing Machines by Al Hariri Group

Meat and Bone Saws

  • TES Series: TES-210, TES-200, TES-300, TES-400, and TES-500 models are robust solutions for cutting meat and bones efficiently, ensuring precision cuts for various applications.

Mixing and Forming Machines

  • KRT Series: KRT-80, Krt 500, and Krt 500 Front Unloading Mixing Machines facilitate meat and minced meat mixing, while the HFM Series – HFM-4000, HFM-5000, HFM-3000 – specialize in forming hamburgers and meatballs.

Other Specialized Machines

  • DED-1000: The DED-1000 Dull Meat Shredding Machine simplifies the shredding process for meat products.
  • TAN-300: Specifically designed for meat slicing (Tantuni Machine), this equipment ensures precise cuts for various culinary needs.

Industry Solutions

Apart from these specific machines, Al Hariri Group offers comprehensive production lines and filling machines tailored for various industries, including carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, dairy, edible oil, and more.

Quality and Expertise

Al Hariri Group boasts a legacy of over four decades, offering quality stainless steel parts, packaging, and filling machines globally. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has positioned them as leaders in the industry.

Contact Information

For inquiries and further information, reach out to Al Hariri Group:

  • Phone: +905550061055 (Turkiye), +971553260043 (Dubai)
  • Address: Yukarı Kirazca Mah. 1009. Sok. No:17, 54580 Arifiye Sakarya / Türkiye

Explore their extensive range by downloading the catalog [here](link to download catalog).

For media, videos, catalogues, and more, visit their website and social media channels.

This comprehensive range of meat processing machines by Al Hariri Group stands as a testament to their dedication to innovation and quality in the food processing industry.


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