Natural mineral waters and spring waters are an essential a part of Europe’s cultural heritage and have been loved and acknowledged for his or her purity for a whole lot of years. Water sources were once widespread sites of worship and archaeological research have discovered that offerings have been thrown into springs as sacrifices for fertility, rebirth and regeneration. In fact, natural springs rising from the bottom have been thought-about magical, infused by the Gods for his or her therapeutic and healing powers.

Bottled Water Industry

Roman Legacy

The historic Romans recognized the advantages of consuming and bathing in natural waters. Roman public baths have been used for well being, hygiene and leisure purposes. As their empire grew, the Romans constructed baths all through Europe – from the Mediterranean to the banks of the Rhine and Danube. The fashionable thermal resorts of right this moment derive from the Roman custom and a few have even been developed on or close to these historic websites.


The Roman Baths
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The 18th and nineteenth Centuries

The healing properties of pure mineral waters turned a subject of renewed curiosity by the 18th century. In an period of restricted illness prevention, pure mineral waters have been more and more thought to be an essential technique of therapeutic. By the nineteenth century thermal resorts had turn out to be modern locations for the rich who visited to wash and benefit from the therapeutic advantages of mineral water. Many hoped to search out miracle cures for his or her illnesses.
At a time when the consequences of air pollution and sicknesses contaminated the municipal provide, water was not at all times sanitary or secure to drink. Water borne sicknesses equivalent to cholera and typhoid inspired individuals to hunt uncontaminated, pure consuming water from springs.

The Beginning of the Bottled Water Industry

With the success of thermal resorts and the acknowledged therapeutic advantages of mineral and spring water, individuals sought to take the medicinal waters from the thermal cities they visited and proceed benefiting from their therapeutic properties.
The bottling and commercialization of pure mineral waters first started in Europe within the mid sixteenth century, with mineral water from Spa in Belgium, from Vichy in France, from Ferrarelle in Italy and Apollinaris in Germany.

It is claimed that the primary mechanical corking machine was invented in France in 1840 and bottling vegetation emerged all through the continent by the late nineteenth century. As such, different European international locations additionally adopted the pattern of bottling waters from the supply, together with Malvern, England’s first bottled water in 1851, Germany’s Appolinaris in 1892 and the Italian mineral water, San Pellegrino in 1899. Bottled waters have been bought as medicinal remedy in pharmacies till the twentieth century.

Commercial Success

By the tip of the Second World War, bottled water turned extra extensively distributed by grocery shops and started to be served in cafés and eating places as a beverage.
Today, bottled water is available as a handy and wholesome beverage in a variety of codecs and packaging supplies.

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